10 Home Security Dos and Don'ts

May 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security

Home security is a serious topic, and it is easy to over think how to keep your home safe. There is nothing that can compare to having your home broken into and your sense of privacy violated. The lingering effects of a home burglary go well past the actual items lost.

If you want to keep your home safe there are a few simple do's and don'ts that will go a long way in reducing the likelihood that you will be a victim.

Home Security – Do's

  • Be sure your windows and doors are secured. Nearly 80% of all break-ins occur through these access points. Use deadbolts on main doors, and take steps to add locking devices to your windows.
  • Keep entry ways well lit. Having it dark may seem like a peaceful idea, but it also creates a great cover for would be robbers.
  • Put your lights on a timer so that thieves do not know when you are home or not.
  • Be aware of any strange people or vehicles in the neighborhood. Report suspicious activity.
  • Have someone look after your home if you are on an extended vacation.

Home Security – Don'ts

  • Do not let the mail stack up if you are gone, have someone pick it up for you. Nothing says "empty house" quite like this.
  • Do not hide a key in the usual places. If you think putting it under the door mat is hiding it, think again.
  • Do not let shrubs grow around doors, or windows. This is a great place for would be thieves to gain entry to your home.
  • Do not keep it dark outside at night, or when you are gone. Have lights on timers, and use outdoor spot lights to keep your property secure.
  • Do not leave things of value around the house. This is an invitation to a robber, and peaks their curiosity about what could be inside.

Keeping your home safe does not have to be complicated. Follow these few steps and you will reduce your chance of a break-in considering.

Source by Chad Coakley