10 Things You Should Know About Home Security

May 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security

When the topic of home security springs to mind, most people seem to think of burglar alerts and little to nothing else. Alarms can be a great way to protect your home, although they are only a small part of what makes up an effective home security system. Burglar alarms are a key to protecting your home – although there are other things you'll need as well.

1. Safe Room – a safe room is a location that family members can run to and hide, or call for help in an emergency situation. You do not really need to go all out and put steel walls and a steel door in the room, but you do need a fortified door that opens out with fortified walls. You can have a door constructed of wood or other material, and the key should be a material that is very hard to break through. No matter what type of door you choose, the doorjamb should be steel, to prevent the door from being kicked in.

2. Pepper Spray – Also referred to as OC or capsicum spray, pepper spray is a very effective inflammatory agent that can easily irritate the eyes and result in pain, temporary blindness, and tears. The spray will normally come in canister form, which his often times small enough to be carried in your pocket or in a woman's purse. Pepper spray is great to have around your home, or to carry with you at all times. If a burglar breaks into your home while you are there, you obviously want something to protect yourself with. A can of pepper spray is very effective, and can easily stop someone from attacking you. All it takes is a direct spray to the eyes.

3. Guard Dog – For many years, guard dogs have helped to scare off burglars and thieves. Although most have gotten used to dogs now days, nothing fends off a thief more than a vicious dog grabbing his ankle and clamping down. Almost all guard dogs have serious bites and can seriously injure a burglar. Guard dogs are trained to protect their home – and they will do so no matter what.

4. Burglar Alarms – There are two types of home burglar alarms – open and closed circuit. Open circuit systems work by setting off an alarm when the circuit closes. When a window or a door is opened, the circuit is immediately completed and the alarm goes off. Closed circuit systems work the opposite way. When a window or door is opened, the circuit is broken – also setting off the alarm. Another, more sophisticated option, are motion sensors. Motion sensors sense any type of motion within a certain radius to the sensor. Once it has sensed any motion, it sends a signal out to the control panel that will analyze it and see if the movement is considered suspicious. If the movement is indeed considered suspicious, it will react to the way you have it set up and inform the proper permissions or sound the alarm.

5. Surveillance System – Closed circuit television and several other types of electronic devices are very common these days, and easier to operate than ever before. They are also more affordable as well and becoming more and more popular with home owners everywhere. The basics behind closed circuit systems lets you know that the signals the camera picks up are not broadcast through the air, but instead sent directly to the monitor, which can be observed from virtually anywhere – at anytime.

6. Adequate Lighting – No matter where you may live, you should always make sure that there is plenty of lighting in place and that the lights are out of reach for those without a ladder. lighting around the doors of your home is very important, as most burglars like to focus on doors before anything else. If you have a large backyard, you should always make sure that you use motion detected lights. To be on the safe side, you can always connect an alarm to the lights.

7. Property Marking – Property marking is a great way to protect yourself. Property placement involves tracking everything that you own with a signature or mark that you can easily identify once the property has been recovered. You can use micro dots, UV pens, or even laser pens. The idea here is to mark your property so it will not be easy to sell on the black market. Even though it may sound weird, most burglars do study their goals quite a bit before they decide to rob them.

8. Wireless Security Systems – Wireless security systems are a much easier and more convenient to install due to the fact of there being no wires. They can save a lot of money, time, and effort due to there being no ripping of the floors or walls in your home. Their primary advantage is the fact that they are easy to relocate, meaning that you can easily shift them from one home to another. On the other hand they are more expensive than wired systems and you'll need to replace their batteries on a periodic basis. Wireless systems rely on radio frequencies that are transmitted by the door contacts, windows, and motion activated sensors. The touch pads that are located at the entrances to the home will provide activation and deactivation of the system.

9. Theft Proofing Your Mailbox – Most people think about their home and property when dealing with home security but identity theft is just as big of a concern. On a daily basis, there is a lot of personal information that goes through your mailbox, and most people do not even think about theft proofing their mailboxes. Almost all mailboxes can be easily broken into, giving thieves instant access to your personal information. To protect yourself against identity theft you should always include your mailbox in your plans for home security. If you have a traditional mailbox now, get rid of it immediately. As a replacement, look into a safe and secure mailbox. The ideal types are those made of solid steel. The top of the box can be accessible to the mailman, allowing him to put the mail in without a problem. The bottom side of the mailbox however, should only be accessed via key. Mailboxes that require a key to get into will protect you from identity theft – as the thief simply will not have access to your mail.

10. Fire Escape Ladders – If you own a home – a fire escape ladder is always great to have. It can save your life, and should there be an integral part of your residential safety. A fire can completely engulf your home in no time at all, normally in less than a minute. Even if you have smoke alarms and fire extinguisher's, the fire can get out of control fast and surround you with smoke, making it impossible for you to get out. To protect yourself and your entire family, you should always fire a ladder ladder at your home at all times.

Source by David Zysblatt