Different types of security barriers

April 15, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security


Security barriers are devices that are used to protect an area or direct traffic. They can be used at home or on the streets. There are many types of safety barriers and some of them are:

Crime barriers

These are security steel doors and bars which are installed for utmost protection. These doors are available for your house, business premise, learning institutions and hospitals. In homes they are usually installed on windows, balconies, front and back doors. In commercial premises they are usually installed at the reception area, shop fronts and service rooms.

Roll way barrier systems

This are more commercial security barriers as they are used mostly in malls and shopping centers, parking lots and loading zones. These are made from galvanized steel and have a width of sixteen meters and a height of three meters.

Barrier gates

This is one of the most common security barriers that can be found. There are usually used at places where there is an intersection of a road and railway, to prevent accidents at parking spaces so that every car that is passing can pay their parking fees before they enter, offices and in gates where many people pass for security purposes. Most of them are manual but with the advanced technology there are some which are digitalized automatic.

The barriers can also be used at crime scenes and accident scenes so as to keep away crowds of people from interfering with police and rescue operations. The barriers are usually very strong and durable and cannot be broken or cut easily. This is because they have a wire mesh that is put between the pieces of aluminum where this acts as a grinder. After the mesh and aluminum are placed they are secured with stainless steel. This shows that the barriers are strong and one can use them without fear.

Source by Jim Johannasen