Home Security? How Safe Is My Home?

May 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security

Owning a home is the American dream. You work hard to provide a better, safer place for your family to live and thrive. The question becomes how safe is your home? While you're at work, who is watching your home?

As I discovered the thrill of home ownership quickly became a nightmare. It was late November. I had just closed on my very own home, to say I was excited was an understatement. The escrow process is an emotional rollercoaster. The excitation of getting my offer accepted. Then the dismay to find out the repairs needed in the home, the interest rate going up and down like the New York Stock Exchange. One day we can afford the property the next week the interest rate pushes us out. Then pulls us back in. Whoa my head is spinning just reliving the ordeal. Finally the outright joy of receiving the keys.

Now came the moving process, for anyone who has ever experienced it will tell you. It is not fun! Shortly after getting settled into our new property, Christmas was soon approaching. We went all out with decorations, tree and gifts. My wife and I were very excited about spending our first Christmas in our very own home.

Then the unthinkable happened. I still remember it like it was yesterday. My daughter and I were walking into our home, and a strange feeling came over me. As I opened the door the first thing I noticed was the living room totally turned upside down. We had been broken in to. My heart sank. Then my adrenaline kicked in. Someone has been in our house! Are they still here? I put my daughter back in the car, locked the door, called the police and began to search the concessions. I quickly discovered that the burglar had come in through a side door. No one was still in the home, however the damage had been done.

Once the police had made their report, we were left picking up the pieces. A few hundred dollars, a television, a computer, iPods, the Christmas gifts we had planned on opening had all been taken. The biggest thing the burglars took from my family was our peace of mind. My daughter had nightmares, wondering if someone was coming back.

I scrambled my brain trying to figure out how to get back our piece of mind. Should we get security bars? The thought of living behind bars did not really appeal to me. After all the criminals should be the ones living like that. Should we get a dog. This idea was a big favorite among my family. Should we get a gun? The thought of my daughter or someone else hurting themselves with my gun, quickly discouraged this idea. Should we get a security system? This idea was also intriguing. Having a company monitoring my home when we were away or slept had its upside.

Then the questions came how much will this cost? How does it work? How soon can they install it? After calling around a few companies, I discovered that the systems were very reasonable in price. Ranging from free to a few hundred dollars. With the monitoring service ranging from $ 29.99 to $$ 53.99 depending on how sophisticated a system we wanted. We decided on a company. The next day they were out to install our system. The technician was very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain how to operate our system.

Now whenever we leave for work, play or are in for the evening, we simply arm our system and if anyone tries to enter the siren goes off (Loud) and the authorities are notified. Let me tell you the peace of mind has returned. Whenever we walk in to our home and we hear the alarm counting down to be disarmed. We know that no one is our home and that no one has been in there. My family can truly enjoy our American Dream again.

I hope that no one would ever have to experience the ordeal that we have gone through. However the sad truth is that burglaries happen everyday. I strongly recommend that you look into some sort of home security. Discuss it with your family and make a decision what form of security works best for you.

Source by Jorge Ulises Mora