Home Security Safes

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Home Security Safes

Should I be interested in home security safes, are not they for wealthy people? Everyone has personal valuables, cash and jewelry, sentimental items that are irreplaceable, computer data discs and documents, which need extra protection in the event of burglary or fire. Eg your home inventory of assets would prove invaluable in the event of an insurance claim.

OK- so what do you look for in home security safes do I need? First of all, assess your requirement in relation with your insurance company, using the following guidelines. List the items you want to protect and their total value then consider whether it is advisable to keep them at home at all. Large sums of cash should really be kept in the bank. Total volume or size of the articles. The locking system you prefer ie key lock, combination only lock, electronic locks. Type and location of safe, under-floor, wall or free standing. Existing security measures you have taken. It is very important to purchase a home security safe that is matched to the value it has to protect. There are two basic types of security safe available burglary and fire resistant Home security safes help in getting insurance. Burglary Resistant – intended for cash & valuables. (Safes recognized standard.

LPS1183 Loss Prevention Certification) The cash rating on a safe will help you decide the grade of the safe you need. Most insurance companies recognize the ‘cash rating’ grade, of 10 times cash rating for material contents. Safes designed for homes would be at the lower end of the scale. The security offered by a home security safe depends upon: – The strength of its walls and doors, The strength and complexity of its locking mechanism and Its resistance to being removed This category covers home security safes and filing cabinets that are tested for fire, which guarantees that documents stored inside will withstand fire for the period tested. Fire Resistant- devised to protect valuable documents (wills, share certificates, deeds etc.) and computer data-storage media in case of fire.

Fire Resistant Document and data home security safes. Do you store your valuable back up computer disks / CD’s at home? Then you need a safe or filing cabinet tested for fire, which guarantees that computer data media and documents stored there, will withstand fire for the period tested. Computer media requires special protection to keep the temperature at a much lower level, because they are plastic based and melt at a much lower temperature than that which paper starts to burn. Home security safes will know doubt give you peace of mind, both when you are at home and when you are on vacation. From a personal point of view you will be sure that you have made the necessary arrangements to give your valuables and important documents as much protection as you can.

Source by Agnes Lamont