How to Select a Wireless Home Security Alarm

May 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security

A wireless home security alarm is a system in which different parts of the system are linked without the employment of wires. This, this type of security alarm system does not call for hard-wiring to work. However, both wireless and hard-wired home alarm systems share some common aspects. For instance, there is a main base for the whole system, where the homeowner or resident is able to interact with the system via a control panel. Remember, though the there is not just two types of security alarm system. Even the wireless alarm system can come in several different forms and features.


With a wireless home security alarm, sensors can be located on windows and doors, which are probable entry points for burglars. When a window or door is opened, an electrical circuit is broken, and this makes an alarm go off.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors trigger an alarm when there is disruption within an ” invisible ” range that a system provides. Thus, when a burglar is able to go inside a home or property, the motion detector is able to detect the presence of the burglar and set off an alarm.

Video Monitoring

Wireless systems may not unnecessarily cause a loud sound alarm to go off. Wireless systems can capture a burglar’s entry and relay it to a central system that does all the recording. The recording can then be sent to the police for further investigation.

Previously, wireless home security alarm systems functioned on the same frequencies as cordless telephones. However, this had a high likelihood of interfering with the proper operation of the alarm. Majority of the more advanced wireless home alarms function on frequencies not utilized by cordless phones or other wireless systems.

Source by Troy Livy