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Country South Africa
State/Province Limpopo
distance: 4,051 Kilometers

Heritage Protection Group

About us:

Crime and South Africa has unfortunately become synonymous. One cannot be mentioned without the other. We as South Africans boast about our beautiful country and our beautiful people, but the reality is not so sweet a picture as a beautiful rainbow that is portrayed to the rest of the world.

In South Africa the level of violent crime is extraordinarily high and of utmost concern to the government and population alike. Approximately one third of all reported crimes in South Africa are violent in nature, including murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault (common and GBH) and rape. The murder rate stands at about eight times the international average and South Africa is reported to have one of, if not the, highest rape rate in the world. — gunownerssa.org

HPG focuses only on serious violent crimes of which farm murders is one of the highest priorities. These crimes, abhorrent and violent which cannot be explained in words has been on-going from the mid-eighties, and with the services of the Commando Force being closed down, as well as the SAPS Murder and Robbery expertise declining and eventually mostly lost during recent years, these crimes have become part of society, with weekly attacks and few still trying to save as many lives as possible.

Another very personal fight that HPG is taking back to the criminals is our precious wildlife which is also continuously threatened by poachers and criminals. HPG will also extend our focus area to the environment – which is very close to all our hearts – in fighting crimes such as arson and the pollution of vegetation, soil and water. Mother Earth is a very talked about subject, and we as HPG will do our share to be part of the solution.

Many communities have been trying to fight crime in their own way through the development of farm and neighbourhood watches, which has certainly contributed to bringing down criminal activities, but unfortunately they can only go so far and this is where HPG is prepared to take it to the next level.

The nature of the threats to our people and communities require expertise and skills which are gradually being lost, but captured within the heart of HPG. Heritage Protection Group has made sure that we are up to date with the latest technology, such as software, IT networks, digital forums and lots more, and they will make sure to utilize these special ways to detect and help with the capture of criminals in all ways possible.

HPG will cover the Limpopo Province, which includes the towns and surrounding areas and smaller communities in the province, but HPG as a group have future initiatives in motion to branch out to other provinces throughout South Africa, eventually making sure that our expertise and leadership in the fighting of crime is to the benefit of every single South African.

HPG is currently focusing heavily on training, and will keep on developing individuals to assist them, the SAP and others in two main areas. Firstly in the tracking of criminals, which starts with the crime scene and the protection of all evidence in the crime scene and secondly the training in the forensics of the scene. HPG will identify individuals to be trained and developed and this has already started in the Limpopo Province, and will be extended to the other provinces in the near future. This is a very crucial focus as it makes the response time to a crime scene as quick as possible, thereby ensuring that all the evidence stays intact and can be used in the best possible ways to track and capture the criminals.

HPG team currently have 7 trackers, 3 detectives, 2 pilots and 2 specialists on the JOC, and the team is growing on a weekly basis with all the training that is done. All of the HPG team has military background, various training and many years of experience. Most of them have been doing this for years without remuneration, all on their own cost and time, no questions asked. All of them are reservists and when they go out to a crime scene it is as a police detective and police tracker.

Most of the team of HPG is from the Waterberg area, and this makes their knowledge of the area a disadvantage to criminals, as there are few places to hide that HPG cannot find them. Most of the roads and other infrastructure of the area are well known to the team and the shortest and quickest way is the only way when it comes to finding suspects, and knowing your surroundings makes these major successes possible.

Another very important role that HPG plays in the process of crime fighting is the providing of information and counsel to victims and witnesses through different services such as helping with the victims personal statements, witness care, trauma handling, special measures for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses, victim and witness protection and many more. Most of the team can deliver this service, but where it is not possible they have a group of specialists ready to help where they can.

What makes HPG unique you may ask. There are so many answers to that question, and most of them have already been covered, but one remains – our acquisitions. Our team of qualified and dedicated personnel will be backed up by a helicopter with crew and the technical back-up to make sure that they are always ready to help where possible. We are ready to utilize and use appropriate intelligence and in our partnerships with similar support groups we are confident that we can make a major difference in the face of crime in South Africa.

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Country South Africa
State/Province Limpopo
distance: 4,051 Kilometers
Address Waterberg, Limpopo, South Africa
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