Revert Risk Management Solutions Johannesburg (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Our purpose is to deliver on the promises of our customers by providing them with Intelligen
Country South Africa
State/Province Gauteng
distance: 4,197 Kilometers

Revert Risk Management Solutions Johannesburg

Revert Risk Management Solutions Johannesburg

Our purpose is to deliver on the promises of our customers by providing them with Intelligent Risk solutions in Africa.

Zero Tolerance for the last 18 years

Revert Services:

• Specialised APO’s /System checkers
• Forensic Investigations
• IIG (undercover agents)
• Escorts (armed and unarmed)
• Safeploy
• Tailored Technical Solutions & Innovations
• Specialised tracking and Recovery
• Chauffeur Services
• Offsite Monitoring/Control Rooms
• Anti Hijacking
• Health & Safety
• Events
• Consultation
• Security

Intelligent Guarding Services/System Checkers

Our emphasis here is on prevention, detection and asset securement. Clients assigned Revert Risk Protection Managers and Officers that best suit their asset protection requirements and there is 24-hour communication between our clients’ sites and our state-of-the-art control centres. Our asset protection sectors include: Corporate, Banking, Hospitality, Transport (planes, trains & automobiles) W/H and Distribution, Retail, Industrial/Manufacturing, specialising in risk management services are per our service offerings.

Technical/Electronic Solutions/Innovations

Our customised design, installation and maintenance solutions address unique risks that our clients have to contend with in key sectors. We conduct needs analysis to fully understand the risks and threats so as to design a solution tailor made to minimise and ultimately eradicate them. We lean towards best practice sharing so as to optimise existing recourses and business processes using our diverse range of industry expertise and talent.

VIP Protection

Clients are provided with a unique team of Close Protection Offers (CPO) who establish and maintain a safe environment in which the client can live without worrying about crime or other security threats. Revert’s VIP close Protection services can deal with anything from convert surveillance to K-9 drug and explosive detection.


Another part of our vast talent pool is a team of investigators who have achieved remarkable successes in a number of high profile supply chain cases, covering incidents of theft, fraud, bribery, corruption, tax evasion, round tripping, hijacking and counterfeit goods. WE also cover various fields including counterfeit medicines, illegal imports and exports, hijacking and theft.

Armed escorts

Revert Armed Escorts will escort your cargo to and from your premises at any time, and to any destination within South Africa’s borders. Each Revert escort officer is an ex-SA police officer, well trained and PSIRA registered. All Revert escort vehicles are unmarked and equipped with two-way radios, panic buttons and live tracking. We also offer unarmed escorts as an alternative solution.

Security Company in Johannesburg

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Country South Africa
State/Province Gauteng
distance: 4,197 Kilometers
Address Springbok Road, Bartlett, Boksburg
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