Why Tiger Alarms Security Services? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ● A South African owned Black Economic Company, centrally based that know and understands the securi
Country South Africa
State/Province KwaZulu-Natal
distance: 4,671 Kilometers

Tiger Alarms CC

Why Tiger Alarms Security Services?

● A South African owned Black Economic Company, centrally based that know and understands the security environment amongst its competitors for twenty five years, which empowers its employees at all levels by development /
training / research of Product knowledge in new technology.

● Our business offer services which at all times are measurable, we reward service Excellence, thus guaranteeing a return on ONES investment.


● Tiger Alarms CC is 110% Black equity direct ownership.
● The Company provide all types of Security needs and services, with the best interest of the clientele and providing personalized attention at all times.

● We also associate and facilitate with small Black Empowerment companies by encouraging them to develop our standards of success.

A) Level 3 BEE Certified

B) PSIRA Registered

C) 25 Years in existence

Where did Services Originate?

● Tiger Alarms CC Security services was established in 1991 and has developed with experienced stable growth since the company’s inception.

Mission Statement:

● To be the FIRST CHOICE by subscribing to our services as a Service provider, that would protect ones assets.

● Operating exclusively in the KwaZulu Natal Metropole, we at Tiger Alarms embodies the innovation and commitment that are fundamental to the successful operation of our security business, and to its clients.

● We review existing security solutions on a regular basis in order to meet our client’s needs and new demands and including insurance approved mandates and/or tender requirements.

Vision Statement :

● The company strives to be a leader in the Commercial business and Residential Security Industry, through continuous adjustments and upgrading our services.

● We plight ourselves to achieve the best for our clients.

● Through selection and training of personnel, the provision of practical, Professional protective wears and use of top class equipment.

We apply safety first to all environments. The conduct , manner and attitude of the personnel serve to convey the image of both management and personnel, through constant reminder of service levels.


● The Company has a clear policy that it will not tolerate any discrimination, which ever sex, colour, creed or religion they may be.

Services Provide:


● Electric Fence

● PA System

● Alarms for Homes and Business

● Out Door Beams of various types

● Access Control, Tag and Finger Print Readers

● Audio and Video Intercoms

● Gate and Garage Automation

● Magnetic Locks and Gates and Doors

● Monitoring and Armed Response Services

● Guards

Closing Statement:

● Tiger Alarms would appreciate the opportunity to furnish you, our prospective client, with a free quotation
for any of your Electronic and personnel security needs.

● We are sure that our levels are head and shoulders above our competitors and most of all we are
sure that our quotation will suit your budget requirements.

Security company located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Listing Details

Phone Number 0313373663
Mobile Number 0825612693
Fax 0313373690
Website Link www.tigeralarmskzn.co.za
Country South Africa
State/Province KwaZulu-Natal
distance: 4,671 Kilometers
Address 47 South Beach Avenue, Durban
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