Mitigating the Risk on Farms

February 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Security Information

Farm attacks in South Africa

There is no such thing as absolute security. Saying that, one can only hope to make it harder for the attackers or to limit the damage they can inflict. The same principal applies to terrorism.

The isolation and lifestyle of many farm dwellers makes them susceptible to attack. Farmers and farm dwellers are an aging demographic group with fewer younger individuals choosing to take up farming. This, coupled with a decrease in males that have military or law enforcement experience has further decreased the knowledge of, and implementation of security measures in rural areas.

For criminals, the availability of weapons, reliable transport, communications devices, breaking and entering tools, coupled with the sharing of criminal knowledge and experiences, has made them more proficient in executing their activities leading to the perception that they are as proficient as some terrorist groups.

Factors that dramatically increased the risks include;

  • Elderly people living on farms,
  • Residents living alone,
  • Farms with shops and stalls,
  • Presence of cash and other valuables,
  • Presence of firearms,
  • Proximity to major roads, railways and informal settlements,
  • Poor relations with farm workers and surrounding communities,

[Source: Hamman.N.H (2015) ‘Farm Attacks in South Africa, Poverty, Torture, and Murder” London Metropolitan University]

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  1. Flippie said on February 22, 2017 6:55 am:

    How about changing the lastfactor “Poor relations with farm workers and surrounding communities” to ” some farmworkers and surrounding communities poor relationship with farmers.