Open Up For Home Security

May 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security

A house can be the investment of a lifetime. For most people a house is much more than just shelter from the weather; it's a home. It's a place for memories and cherished moments and a safe haven for children to grow up and families to grow together. So when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, most people will choose a security system that they feel will best notify and alarm them if ever a problem occurs. From alarm systems and motion detectors to security cameras, the options are endless and can be overwhelming when trying to decide which choice will be the best for you.

Most standard alarm systems use door and window contacts to identify when a window or door has been or is already open. These contacts work with a sensor and a magnet. The sensor is placed on the frame of the door or window, while the magnet is placed on the door or window itself. This creates a circuit between the two. However, when the circuit is broken by opening up the window or door, a signal is sent to the alarm control panel that an entry has been breached.

There are two main types of door and window contacts. There are surface and recessed. Surface contacts are generally less expensive than recessed, but are more noticeable as well. With surface (as the name implies) the sensor is placed on the surface of the frame while the magnetic contact is placed on the surface of the door or window itself. With recessed, the sensor and the magnet are installed inside the frame and the door or window.

Door contacts should be installed on each ground level, exterior door. Ideally, window contacts should also be installed on all ground level windows, without the security system design calls for glass break or motion sensors.

A third type of contact is a standard garage door contact. A garage door contact is similar to a surface contact in appearance and works the same too. However, the sensor part is usually installed onto or into the floor, while the magnetic part is installed on the garage door or roll up door itself.

When it comes to your home security and the security of your loved ones, never leave any opportunity for the worst to happen. Make sure to have your security system regularly regularly and make sure all your doors and windows secure properly.

Source by Connie Ryan