Protection for Your Home!

December 17, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security

Protection for Your Home

Making our homes more secure these days has never been easier. With great advancement in the home security industry in the last decade, home security devices have become easier to install and cheaper to buy. These factors have allowed the average home own the ability to secure their concessions with a greater ease than ever before.

Driveway alarms, security cameras, video intercoms and high end security systems are very effective tools when combating residential burglaries, but with all of the devices available to us, it is easy to forget about the basics. Here we’ll list some straight forward and useful tips that illustrate how the very basics can also help protect your residence and family.

Deadbolts, while effective deterrents – are not deterrents or effective at all when attached to flimsy, cheap doors that could very easily just be kicked in! Make sure all your outer doors are at the very least hollow metal – and at best a metal framed door with a superior core! These doors combined with superior quality deadbolts are your best bet for front line protection. In addition to strong doors and locks, be sure your door has a peephole and door chain or a ‘limiter’ as an added safety precaution.

Just as with doors, windows can be another potentially weak point if left unchecked. Double glazing on windows while providing insulation benefits and noise reduction, makes windows far more shatter resistant. Making sure that window locks are current and sturdy is something to be sure not to overlook as well.

Even though security professionals have been saying for years that leaving a key under your doormat or the potted plant near the front door is not a good idea, people are ironically still still doing just that! I will say it again; never leave a key to your residence outside your home! These are things that any season burglar will look for before entering your home. If they can enter with a key, the lack of attention they will attract is that much better for them. If you must have a separate set of keys for an emergency situation – leave it with a neighbor or trusted friend.

Another consideration is to have low cost security lighting installed around your home. Lights that come on with the presence of movement are an excellent way to keep would be burglars out of your yard. Being seen in a sudden spotlight is the last thing a burglar wants.

A well thought out combination of today’s available technology and simple, well employed basic measures can ramp up your home’s safety, and the people in it.

Source by Renee Laurin