Do Security Guards Need Martial Arts?

HPS Security Hlopi Security Provides the following services

Security Guards:


Armed & Unarmed Guards

• Estate security

• Special Event Security

• Access control

• Armed Security Escorts

• Perimeter & Guard Monitoring

• Control room security

• Commercial security

• Warehouse Security

• Residential security

• Physical Guarding Services

Construction security

Truck Escorts

Protection Services

24 Hour Control Room

CCTV Off Site Monitoring

Businesses: Shop, Pub, Restaurant and company Openings and Closings

Security company located in Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa.

Rapid Tactical Security RTS provides 24 hr guarding services and Specializes in:

1. Residential Guarding
2. Commercial Guarding
3. Industrial Guarding
4. Construction Site Guarding

Our guards are fully dressed in branded company uniform. Sites are over seen by a supervisor.
E-mail us for a quote on: [email protected] We guarantee excellent services at affordable rates.

Security company located in Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Why Tiger Alarms Security Services?

● A South African owned Black Economic Company, centrally based that know and understands the security environment amongst its competitors for twenty five years, which empowers its employees at all levels by development /
training / research of Product knowledge in new technology.

● Our business offer services which at all times are measurable, we reward service Excellence, thus guaranteeing a return on ONES investment.


● Tiger Alarms CC is 110% Black equity direct ownership.
● The Company provide all types of Security needs and services, with the best interest of the clientele and providing personalized attention at all times.

● We also associate and facilitate with small Black Empowerment companies by encouraging them to develop our standards of success.

A) Level 3 BEE Certified

B) PSIRA Registered

C) 25 Years in existence

Where did Services Originate?

● Tiger Alarms CC Security services was established in 1991 and has developed with experienced stable growth since the company’s inception.

Mission Statement:

● To be the FIRST CHOICE by subscribing to our services as a Service provider, that would protect ones assets.

● Operating exclusively in the KwaZulu Natal Metropole, we at Tiger Alarms embodies the innovation and commitment that are fundamental to the successful operation of our security business, and to its clients.

● We review existing security solutions on a regular basis in order to meet our client’s needs and new demands and including insurance approved mandates and/or tender requirements.

Vision Statement :

● The company strives to be a leader in the Commercial business and Residential Security Industry, through continuous adjustments and upgrading our services.

● We plight ourselves to achieve the best for our clients.

● Through selection and training of personnel, the provision of practical, Professional protective wears and use of top class equipment.

We apply safety first to all environments. The conduct , manner and attitude of the personnel serve to convey the image of both management and personnel, through constant reminder of service levels.


● The Company has a clear policy that it will not tolerate any discrimination, which ever sex, colour, creed or religion they may be.

Services Provide:


● Electric Fence

● PA System

● Alarms for Homes and Business

● Out Door Beams of various types

● Access Control, Tag and Finger Print Readers

● Audio and Video Intercoms

● Gate and Garage Automation

● Magnetic Locks and Gates and Doors

● Monitoring and Armed Response Services

● Guards

Closing Statement:

● Tiger Alarms would appreciate the opportunity to furnish you, our prospective client, with a free quotation
for any of your Electronic and personnel security needs.

● We are sure that our levels are head and shoulders above our competitors and most of all we are
sure that our quotation will suit your budget requirements.

Security company located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

First Security Services has been the leading provider of comprehensive security solutions throughout the Bay Area since 1966. Offering private security guards, bodyguards, executive protection, residential security, loss prevention, vehicle patrol, alarm response, office security, construction security officers, security for special events such as music concerts and more.

Security company located in the Bay Area, San Jose, California, United States

Afcon Security is a South African security company offering a complete range of security services delivered by a team of professional and fully licensed and vetted guards.

As one of South Africa’s leading security companies Afcon’s emphasis on quality combined with an innovative and customer focused approach to the provision of commercial security services differentiates us from other organisations operating in the sector.

We provide integrated security solutions that will help deter security threats and protect your people and assets – ensuring your company continues to perform. Our security solutions are supported by innovative technology and the very highest level of customer service.

Security company located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

About Guard Check.

Security Industry Only!

Information is power. Blacklist guards who bring disrepute to your company and the industry, check guards who you would like to employ and receive CVs of guards looking for work online.

Security company located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

About SecuGuard Security Services
All types of businesses can benefit from a protection unit on location. We believe every business is entitled to function safely and without threat of damages or loss. At our core, we are intensely interested in keeping you and your business secure.

Virtually any place of business can benefit from our security protection and we can tailor that to the proper safety that your business needs. Full customization of security guard schedules, presentation (plain clothes or uniformed), and equipment (Armed or Unarmed or Non-lethal) means that this security feature caters to the image you have cultivated for your business, and makes this a necessity for the safety of your assets.

SecuGuard Security Services supplies thoroughly screened and PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) registered guards. All references are thoroughly checked before the commencement of their assignments.

Security Services include:

• Commercial Guarding
• Estate Guarding
• Residential Guarding
• Retail Guarding
• Industrial Guarding
• Property Guarding
• Personal Protection
• Patrol Services
• Access Control
• Site Supervision
• Site Management
• Construction Site Guarding
• Road Closure
• Special Events
• Dog handlers

Security company located in Overport, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


The Bauba Group was established when it was realised that there was a need for an integrated development company with expertise in Property Development, Investment, Facilities Management, Asset Protection and Construction. The Bauba Group Exemplifies a modern SA Company – in touch with the realities of an ever changing socio-economic environment that increasingly relies on entrepreneur ability, coupled with a pragmatic approach. The group has ability to stay humble and firm in the face of adversity. The Bauba Group provides a comprehensive and professional approach to the development of property, as well as project and property management – rarely is a project regarded as too small and irrelevant, or too vast and sophisticated. The Bauba Group is a 100% black owned company adhering to the highest standard of the best practice.

Security Services

Access control Systems
Installer / Repairs
Investigations / Intelligence / Forensics
Lighting / Lights
Monitoring System

Security company located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.