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About us:

With a reputation for innovation and quality StaProtec continues to pioneer with segment leading Physical Perimeter Security Barriers that deliver effective security to protect most assets. By any measure, StaProtec products successfully defines its class with See-Through fence, the world’s only architecturally inspired high security fencing system that is approved as a category III type fencing system and complies with specifications as detailed by National Key Points and Police Advisory Services. The Marine Floating Barrier, the world’s first and only deep water high security barrier (anti-boat intrusion), to the Rapid Deployment Barrier for crowd and riot control (emergency preparedness).   Our Electric Barbed Coil is designed to provide an intruder detection signal and if required can also provide a 7000 volt repulse shock. The coil has a built in conductor and thus provides for a low cost alarm system. With the energiser connected to the coil the user has a physical barrier, detection, and electric repulse fence system. Innocent access to the live wire is prevented by the outer coil of barbed tape concertina. The inner live coil is attached to the outer coil, the two coils move together in windy conditions etc, thus avoiding false alarms. Our Flat Wrap razor wire can be installed against an existing smooth wire mesh fence so as to substantially improve the efficiency of the fence. By installing on this basis, innocent people are protected from injury by the smooth wire mesh. This razor wire is difficult to cut due to reinforcing high tensile steel band for maximum strength. The blades is sharper and longer to provide deeper cut and higher risk for the intruder. Our security electric fencing markets ranging from simple domestic requirements, to high security installations. Our robust product range continuously sets national standards of high quality, innovation and cost effectiveness. We provide our customers with a choice of quality imported and locally-manufactured products that meet all the electric fencing needs of the Agricultural, Wildlife, Perimeter Security markets. Further, We are trained electric fence installers as required by Electric Fencing Legislation SANS 10222-3.

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