The Age of Wireless Home Security Devices – Better or Worse?

May 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security

A technology that has redefined home security in recent decades? Wireless connectivity. No matter which type of system (wireless or hardwired) you choose, reliability is the most important factor.

In the past, wireless alarm systems were deemed inferior to the more robust, reliable hardwired versions. They were more likely to set off a false alarm or have general reliability issues.

Today, after more than a decade of technological advances in home security products – this is just simply not the case when you know which products are appropriate to each given security situation.

Advances in technology have significantly improved the reliability of wireless transmissions, range lengths and ease of use. Wireless systems are battery powered, so complicated wiring is not a consideration. Many systems offer repeater units, which increase the range of your monitoring system, so other buildings can be included in the security system. Some systems even offer an optional key fob that can double as a mobile panic button.

Another important aspect of choosing between wireless and hardwired security devices is your time, and your money. In general, wireless systems are more expensive than their hardwired counterparts. Wireless devices however, are less convoluted and the installation is essentially painless with the majority of systems. There are no wires to run and are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. Maintenance of each system should also be a consideration. Hardwired systems – once properly installed – are essentially maintenance free, while wireless systems need batteries replaced on a regular basis.

Another consideration when thinking about time in terms of home security devices, is time not yet space. If you were to decide to renovate your home in the future – a wireless system would serve you better than something hardwired into your home since hardwired systems are not generally a great DIY option. How to run the wires in a way that is attractive and in a way that makes it difficult for criminals to defeat can be tricky and time consuming.

Both types of home security systems have the option to add additional products and accessories to expand and customize your unit. Accessories for each can include; motion detectors, water sensors, dialers, security cameras, door / window sensors, intercoms and various home automation products! Whichever road you decide to take, hard wired or wireless. Speak to someone knowledgeable beforehand to make sure you receive the system best suited to your specific needs.

Source by Renee Laurin