What is the Best Type of Home Security Camera?

May 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Security

Many homeowners are concerned about home security, especially those who have a family to protect. Installing a home security camera is a good option to help enhance the security around any home. There are several different types of security cameras that can be used in the home. Understanding the advantages of each camera will help homeowners decide which is best for them.

A bullet camera is one of the most traditional types of surveillance cameras. It is small and in the shape of a cylinder, about the width of a large cigar. These cameras are generally inexpensive and easy to mount on walls and ceilings. They provide good picture quality, making it easy to identify any unwanted guests. Some bullet cameras come with the option of infrared for advanced human detection, although these are generally a bit larger in size.

A dome camera is a security camera that has a round cover around it that is very dark and impossible to see through. These cameras are good because they are extremely obvious to anyone looking around for the presence of a camera. Simply spotting these cameras can help deter someone from a home invasion. Unlike bullet cameras, it is impossible to see the direction of the lens in a dome camera, making it difficult to avoid being in its viewing area.

There is also the option of a PTZ dome camera. PTZ stands for pan, tilt, zoom, meaning that these cameras are able to move around, acting more like a human eye. They can scan an entire area and even have a zoom option for better visibility. Although specialized movements need to be controlled personally from a command center, there is also an option to program certain movements. This gives the user the option to have the camera make a periodic scan of a certain area.

Although there are many different high tech security camera options, they can often get very expensive. Many people choose to cut costs by going with a fake security camera. They are very realistic and are designed to appear and function the same as a real camera, without actually taking any video. They are easily mounted just about everywhere and can be just as effective at deterring intruders.

Installing a home security camera can help give many people peace of mind. With so many different options on the market, there is a security camera out there for everyone. Each person can choose the right one for them according to the features they desire in a camera.

Source by Mark D. Taylor